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Skin and Hair Care Products of the Third Millennium

Created by Professor Lubimov U.I.

“RENAISSANCE” is a new perspective on the thousand-year history of cosmetology. The series includes “Placentol” balm, hуaluronic acid and fresh squeezed cranberry juice. This unique composition was used for the first time in the world of cosmetology by the Russian enterprise SCIENTIFIC-PRODUCTION “BIOTECHINDUSTRY”. The specially selected cosmetic base, unique combination of biologically active components, and aromatic, therapeutic effects will help you achieve stunning results.

PLACENTOL BALMS is a combination of biologically active matters and constructive materials for all types of human tissue. Since ancient times, placenta has been used in medical treatment and cosmetology as a highly effective means of rejuvenation. It was used in miraculous skin concoctions for beauties such as Kleopatra, Marry Antoinette, and Pollen Viardout.

The original technology of deriving the “Placentol” Balms was developed at “BIOTECHINDUSTRY” under the leadership of Professor Lubimov U.I., a Laureate of State Prize.

The researcher scientists of “PLACENTOL” BALMS conducted their research in modern scientific centers in , , and the .

“PLACENTOL” BALMS is a “seizer” of free radicals making it a powerful antioxidant. It is active than albumen ferment of super oxidedismutazy, widely advertised in cosmetology.

The balm is a unique natural combination of proteins, amino acids, nucleonic acids, polysugar components, cytokins (interleukins, interferons, Growth factors, polysaccharides, hyaluronic acid, hondroitin sulfat, peptides, alfa fetoprotein, lipids, unsaturated fat acids, vitamins (A, D, E, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, Bc, PP, H, mezoinozet) and microelements (Mg, Si, K, Na, Ca, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Al).

Proteins and amino acids, included in “Placentol” Balm, are designed to form collagen and elastic fibers and other structures of skin proteins. The balm feeds and rejuvenates skin, while enriching it with energy. It posses anti-inflammation, wound healing and toning up components. Balm gives softness and silkiness to the skin.

HYALURONIC ACID is an effective modern cosmetic. For the first time in the world hyaluronic acid was used by the coryphaeus of Russian science academic N.F. Hamaley. Original technology of deriving of hyaluronic acid was developed in the Hamaley Institute of Science and Researches of Epidemiology and Microbiology of the of Medical Science.

It helps to restore the water balance of skin, regenerate epithelium, normalize the circulation of blood and to reduce edema and itching. It also disinfects, aids in wound healing and works as an anti-inflammatory. Finally, it provides relief from dryness, delays skin aging and smoothes out wrinkles.

MIRACULOUS JUICE OF CRANBERRY is a fount of biologically active matters. It had been used since ancient times in medical and cosmetics practice. “Renaissance” cosmetics contain fresh squeezed cranberry juice and completely keep all unique characteristics of this magical ruby berry.

Cranberry juice favors the strengthening of the sides of skin vascular, binds free radicals, stimulates the process of skin cells regeneration, improves tone, refreshes and rejuvenates skin. If you use cosmetics with cranberry juice every day, your skin will return to its natural colors of youth.

The scientific research of the “Renaissance” series of cosmetics was carried out by the Section of Medical Cosmetology of ЦНИКВИ of the Health Department of Russian Federation. In accordance with specialists, it has been concluded that “Renaissance” cosmetics are a highly effective series which cares for skin of all ages. In respect to its characteristics, “Renaissance” cosmetics does not yield to the well-known French “” cosmetics.

The “Renaissance” series of cosmetics was awarded the diploma and medal of GOLD SIRIN of the first grade in the Fourth All Russia Exhibitions of Different Branches of Industry of Native Goods (December 2000).

When you use “BALMS of PLACENTOL”, “RENASCENCE” series, you will keep your youth, beauty, and health.


This is a moisturizing liquid cream-balsam for hands. It has a softening, disinfecting and damping effect. It removes the unfavorable effects of frequent hand washing, cleaning agents, cold, wind can have on your hands. It helps to heal small wounds and chapped skin. It creates on your palm a thin silky pellicle. It strengthens nails structure, stimulates their growth. Regular use of this hand cream makes skin sleek and tender, and nails become strong and brilliant.

300 rub

This is a moisturizing and nutritious cream-balsam for any skin. It creates long lasting rejuvenation, softening and light-colored effect. It favors the strengthening of the sides of skin vasculars and restores the resiliency of your skin. It gives you a feeling of lightness and returns your skin to the natural colors of youth.

350 rub

This is a highly effective nutritious cream-balsam for any skin. It actively satiates skin with moisture and enriches it with vitamins, improves metabolism, normalizes the circulation of blood and makes cells more active to promote new cells. It creates a long lasting rejuvenating and softening effect. It has harmonizing activity.

350 rub

This is a soft shampoo-balsam for normal and suet hairs. It posses cleaning, strengthening matters and vitamins. It is very useful for hairs which are damaged by harmful effects of environment influence, such as: hard water, acid rains, heat and cold. It strengthens hairs at full length, improves their structure and stimulates their growth. It gives vitamins and nutrition to the scalp, stimulates blood circulation to the hair bulbs and fills hairs with life strength.

250 rub

This is an intensive moisturizing cream-balsam which takes care of the skin around your eyes. It is a unique formula for modern women. It helps to remove edema and dark circles around eyes, smooth out wrinkles and lifts skin. It lightens skin, brings out skin moisture, promotes resiliency and protects. Regularly using this gel-balsam effectively prevents premature aging of a delicate skin of eyelids. It also has an anti-inflammation effect.

300 rub

This shampoo-balsam is designed for dry and weak hairs. It cleans, strengthens and restores hairs. It is especially useful for dry, damaged, dyed hair. It is also beneficial for hair weakened by illness. It intensively damps and feeds heads skin, restores its water suet balance. It removes dandruff and regular use of this product prevents its return.

250 rub

This is a moisturizing and nutritious cream-balsam for normal and dry skin. It creates long lasting rejuvenating, toning and damping effect. It improves the structure and color of your skin, protects it from dryness and aging. It smoothes out wrinkles, prevents the appearance of new ones, reduces swelling and gives skin resiliency and elasticity.

400 rub

This is an intensive moisturizing and nutritious cream-balsam for any skin. It helps to retain moisture and actively stimulates metabolism in skin. It smoothes out small wrinkles and swellings, reduces tiredness and weariness of a skin, accumulated during the day. It makes all of the main functions of skin cells on your face more active, sleek and silky and gives your face a fresh and rested appearance.

400 rub

This is a nutritious cream-balsam for normal and dry skin. It is a strong stimulator and rejuvenates skin. Regularly using this cream smoothes out wrinkles, restores your faces contour, your skin becomes resilient and elastic. It has a good influence on metabolism in a skin and removes harmful effects environment influence and emotion effort.

400 rub

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