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This is a moisturizing liquid cream-balsam for hands. It has a softening, disinfecting and damping effect. It removes the unfavorable effects of frequent hand washing, cleaning agents, cold, wind can have on your hands. It helps to heal small wounds and chapped skin. It creates on your palm a thin silky pellicle. It strengthens nails structure, stimulates their growth. Regular use of this hand cream makes skin sleek and tender, and nails become strong and brilliant.

300 rub

This is a moisturizing and nutritious cream-balsam for any skin. It creates long lasting rejuvenation, softening and light-colored effect. It favors the strengthening of the sides of skin vasculars and restores the resiliency of your skin. It gives you a feeling of lightness and returns your skin to the natural colors of youth.

350 rub

This is a highly effective nutritious cream-balsam for any skin. It actively satiates skin with moisture and enriches it with vitamins, improves metabolism, normalizes the circulation of blood and makes cells more active to promote new cells. It creates a long lasting rejuvenating and softening effect. It has harmonizing activity.

350 rub

The given mask represents a film from collagenous fibers of the amniotic membrane of human placenta processed on special technology with conservation by the nature of structure of the used collagen.

1825 rub

The given mask represents a napkin from an express tissue with slots for eyes, a nose and a mouth, impregnated with active components. It is convenient for application both in interior, and in domestic conditions.

270 rub

This is a soft shampoo-balsam for normal and suet hairs. It posses cleaning, strengthening matters and vitamins. It is very useful for hairs which are damaged by harmful effects of environment influence, such as: hard water, acid rains, heat and cold. It strengthens hairs at full length, improves their structure and stimulates their growth. It gives vitamins and nutrition to the scalp, stimulates blood circulation to the hair bulbs and fills hairs with life strength.

250 rub

Cleans the surface dirt. Actively restores cell membranes. Enhances the protective properties of the skin. Improves local immunity.

290 rub

Дневной увлажняющий лацентарный крем для интенсивного ухода за возрастной кожей «сорок пять плюс». Может использоваться как основа под макияж, обладает хорошим лифтинговым эффектом.

380 rub

Ночной питательный плацентарный крем для интенсивного ухода за возрастной кожей «сорок пять плюс». Помогает бороться с морщинами, обеспечивая отличный лифтинговый эффект.

380 rub

Плацентарный косметический бальзам Плацентоль в концентрированном виде содержит все необходимые нашей коже питательные и биологически-активные компонеты. Множество рецептов применения бальзама в качестве лечебно-омолаживающего средства для кожи лицв, тела, а также для ухода за волосами и кожей головы делают его незаменимым в Вашей косметичке. Может также добавляться в готовые кремы и другие косметические средства, придавая им свойства эффективной плацентарной косметики.

1500 rub

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