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NanoDerm Eye cream with Nanosomes 35+

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The unique bioactive nanocomplex of moistening components takes perfect care about especially delicate skin around eyes. It nourishes, softens and hydrates, holds back age and environment related changes and resists general cellular toxicosis. Reduces expression wrinkles, increases immune protection and gives youthful shin to your eyes. Nanocomplexes of oat hexuronic acids and hyaluronic acid monosaccharides combined with minor hyaluronate molecules, the product of our laboratory, constitute a unique system of focused transdermal delivery of active substances to the cells of deeper skin layers. The nanosystem restores the natural energy balance, actively hydrates and nourishes the skin through to its deepest layers, conserving its vitality and tonicity. Highly efficient cream in the anti-age skin care system. The cream suits ideally for all skin types, but especially dry, overdried, flaking, ageing, tired, flaccid or with wrinkles around eyes. Hypoallergenic formula. Comfortable in use.

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