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Placental collagenous mask (napkin) plazan

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Placental collagenous masks of a series Plazan (the general description)

Placental collagen masks Plazan are issued in three forms. All three forms can be used both in professional beauty salons, and in domestic conditions. To tell the truth, the first form of output—collagen film— is difficult in use, therefore it approaches for work in beauty salons more. Placental collagen mask-napkin and Plazan-system are convenient in application, as in beauty salons, and at home.

Placental collagenous mask (napkin) plazan

The given mask represents a napkin from an express tissue with slots for eyes, a nose and a mouth, impregnated with active components. It is convenient for application both in interior, and in domestic conditions.


Extract of human placenta low molecular Plazan, hyaluronic acid of navel-strings, elastin-collagen complex, placental glycosaminoglycans, structure-former, water, natural odorants, the stabilizer.


The mask is developed for all types of the skin, for all age and all seasons. It is applied to decrease of wrinkles, relieving from strain and weariness of the skin, protects the skin from influence of unfavourable factors of an environment, wets and feeds the skin low molecular components, improves complexion. It is effective after plastic operations and at relieving of irritation after peeling and mesotherapy.

1. Reduces the damaged skin.

2. Smoothes wrinkles.

3. Hydrates the dermis on all depth.

4. Promotes removing of peroxidates

(Free radicals).

5. Has anti-inflammatory action.

6. Will activate cellular respiration and peripheral blood circulation.

Recommendation for application

For obtaining of stable effect it is necessary to carry out complete course of application of a placental mask: 2 times a week within a month. The course is necessary for retrying in 2-3 months. If to you it is juicy it is necessary to put the skin of the face in order, it is enough to put a mask for 15-20 minutes

Way of application

1. To clear the skin of the face from fat scurf a milk or soap.

2. To take out a ready mask (a napkin impregnated with active components) from a package to distribute densely and evenly on the face.

3. In 15-20 minutes to unmask and, not washing off traces of active material to put one of the creams containing hyaluronic acid (Day of Gold Series, Balzac Day or Evening of Diamond Series).

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