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Плацентарный микс-экстракт "Синтезатор молодости" 20 мл.

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Means the correction of age-related skin changes, contains HA, GAG, GB, and nutritious low molecular weight components of the placenta in the aqueous gel base.
Mix quickly absorbed by the skin, leaves no sticky and greasy, convenient and easy to use.
Starts the most important biological processes in skin tissues
Activates metabolic processes in cells, the program of revitalization and regeneration of the tissues of the dermis
Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects
Mikrotsirkullyatsiyu stimulates and improves the complexion
Accelerates epidermal reclaimed after aggressive actions, strengthens the thinning of the epidermis, activates its antioxidant and immune protection
Actively moisturize all skin layers: wrinkles, both outside and "pushing" them from inside, restores lost turgor, tones
Slows down the aging process.

Recommended for use as an active anti-aging tools for all types of skin, after 25 years, especially for sensitive and problem skin and for the speedy recovery of the epidermis after aggressive treatments.
The most effective use extract-mix with MTS-Roller.
Apply 1-2 ml. placental extract Mix the cleaned (see cleaning line "Plazan") skin and MTS-Roller process it according to the instructions on the application of MTS-Roller. For quick healing and removal of stimuli applied to the skin of 1-2 ml Plazan of high and close the treated area placental gel mask "Intensive" or placental tissue, collagen mask line "Plazan." After 20-30 minutes, remove the towel and put the cream on the skin with hyaluronic acid, a series of "Plazan" according to your age category. Excess cream, if desired, you can remove the tonic.
At home, the extract-mix can be used as a mask, introducing it to a mask-based. You can use it as a serum, it is enough to put on a clean damp face and neck with a few drops of the mix under any cream line "Plazan", according to your age group. If desired, remove the remnants of cream tonic. Mix can be applied as an intensive course, and for the constant "feeding" of the skin placental components 1-2-4 times a week according to your age and skin condition.

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