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Regenerating Gel Plazanol

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Regenerating Gel Plazanol - is intended for acceleration of healing of the all kinds of skin damages without leaving scar formation (scar, incised, septic wounds, crush injury, burns). Anaesthetizes the articulate and relieves muscle pains.

Stimulates tissue regeneration. Antimicrobic properties of the gel are determined with proteolytic enzymes presence, which destroys microbe coat, and due to antimicrobic agents has a wide spectrum of action. The analgesic presence reduces pain effects, placental components provide comfortable conditions of regeneration process.

Indication. Plazanol Gel is recommended for treatment of blackhead rash, acne and problem skin. Plazanol is effective at sharp traumatic conditions: subcutaneous and deep wounds; burns; suppurative inflammation in fresh and chronic wounds; bruises, hematomas, grazes; ligamentous laxity; sharp skin inflammatory processes and mucous tissue; traumas of cartilaginous joint tissue; muscular spasms, and also at psoriasis, neurodermatitis and decubituses.

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