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Facial toner with Nanosystem

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An alcohol-free cleansing liquid for removing impurities from the skin's surface. The bioactive transdermal complex of micronized systems with nanobiocomplexes nourishes and protects skin. By stimulating the cells’ functioning of deeper skin layers, it reduces and smoothes wrinkles, increases skin’s resistance against the damaging factors of environment and stress after-effects. This nanocomplex is a unique system of focused transdermal delivery of active substances, based on conjugates of algae monosaccharides and oat amino acids and containing indispensable amino acids, to the cells of deeper skin layers. The nanosystem restores the skin’s natural energy balance and reinforces cell immunity and vitality by providing macroergic substances for cell’s molecular cycles. The cosmetical tonic is structurally directed at exceptionally activating the upper skin layers. Hypoallergenic formula. Comfortable in use.

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